Day One 2

In my previous post on using Day One as an Evernote Food replacement, I mentioned that they were working on letting us add more than one photo to an entry. Day One 2 is the solution, and it’s available now.

I know people tend to get bent out of shape when forced to pay for an upgrade, myself included. But this one is worth it.

Day One is an excellent journaling solution, of course, but now it’s even better at being an Evernote Food replacement because of two new features:

  • Multiple photos per entry
  • Multiple journals

I now have one for my normal journal, one for food, and one for beer. The way they’ve implemented multiple photo support is perfect, and the other enhancements are well-done, also. This kind of update is why I don’t always mind paying to upgrade.

Unfortunately, the publish functionality isn’t live in DayOne 2 yet, but it’s coming. There were also some initial glitches when importing Day One entries into Day One 2. I didn’t see any of those glitches, though, and the issue was resolved in the 2.0.1 update.

I don’t use the Apple Watch app that comes with Day One 2 for iOS. But that’s not Day One’s fault–I just have a love/hate relationship with Apple Watch apps. It’s quicker to just grab my phone when I need to do something. That said, what I see on the Day One 2 watch app doesn’t match any of the watch screenshots on their site. I’m wondering if there were some changes made and the screenshots are of the original watch app. I can’t seem to find anything on their site, or on Google about it.

The Day One 2 Mac app has an elegant multi-paned UI now, and allows you to view your entries in several ways.

 Mac app now has two panes (you can toggle this setting.)
Mac app now has two panes (you can toggle this setting.)

Read more about Day One 2 on their blog post.

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  1. Thank you for this post! I came across it after two days of trying out different apps for a replacement to evernote food. So far day one 2 worked like a charm for me!


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