Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch

I haven't reviewed anything lately, but UPS delivered something today that is worth mentioning. I've had a Nomad watch stand almost since I bought my Series 0 Apple Watch. It's a great stand. It looks classy, and it's well built. But when I saw this Elago stand on Amazon the other day, I had to have it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the Apple Mouse

This will be a bit of a detour from the normal posts. And it might be a surprise to those of you who know me and my affinity for all things Apple.

I use a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The why is probably best saved for a future post, but the short version is that I wanted a tablet that functioned like an actual computer. I love my iPad, but I can only do so much with it. And Windows 10 isn't _horrible_.

With the Surface, I bought the Microsoft keyboard cover. It isn't _horrible_ either. But I'm not a fan of the trackpad. I guess I've been spoiled by the trackpads on my MacBooks. Since I have a nest of Apple Magic Mice roaming around my office, I wanted to use one of them instead of going out and buying a new mouse.

iPhone 7 Plus

AT&T Next basically guarantees I'll upgrade my iPhone every year. I mean, why not? I wasn't _as_ excited this year as in previous years, but I was intrigued by the dual rear camera setup in the 7 Plus. So I stayed up till midnight and... didn't order an iPhone. Apple's website glitched. AT&T's website was barely usable and wouldn't complete a transaction. I told myself I'd just pick one up in a couple of weeks when the chaos died down.

Lightroom Mobile iOS Update – with RAW support

When Adobe first released Lightroom Mobile back in 2014, I wrote that it was a game changer. My only complaint was that the iOS version of Lightroom couldn't directly import RAW files. RAW images imported on the computer would sync to LR Mobile, so it was semi-useful for culling on the iPad while not at my desk, but what I really wanted was a complete mobile solution. The most recent iOS Lightroom Mobile update gave us that solution.

El Capitan: Split Screen View

I know, Windows has had this for awhile. But that’s kind of how it works with Apple and OS X. They let the other folks iron out the bugs before they implement it into OS X. Revolutionary? No. But when features get implemented, they generally work really, really well. Where this fits in best with... Continue Reading →

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