Day One 2

In my [previous post on using Day One as an Evernote Food replacement](,  I mentioned that they were working on letting us add more than one photo to an entry. Day One 2 is the solution, and it’s available now.

I know people tend to get bent out of shape when forced to pay for an upgrade, myself included. But this one is worth it.

Day One as an Evernote Food Replacement

Let's start this post with a moment of silence to honor the recently deceased Evernote Food app... I mean, I get it. Evernote has been making some major changes internally in order to become more profitable. It was inevitable. Nobody is in business to be warm and fuzzy. They're in it to make money. Period. … Continue reading Day One as an Evernote Food Replacement

Evernote Reminders

For quite awhile now, I've been using a hacked-together method of marrying Evernote with the Apple Reminders App. It required some Applescript, and it definitely wasn't perfect (didn't work on iOS, for example,) but it did the trick for awhile. Ever since Evernote acquired EgretList, I've been waiting for them to come out with an … Continue reading Evernote Reminders

iA Writer for Mac and iOS

I've been using iA Writer on my iPad for awhile now, and just realized I could get it on my Mac. Apparently, it's half price right now, so it was totally worth the $4.99 price tag. I'd have paid full-price for this app. On the iPad, it's a distraction-free, full-screen writing app with minimal bells … Continue reading iA Writer for Mac and iOS

Lightroom 4.1 now available

Adobe Lightroom 4.1 is now available Processing of 16/24/32 bit HDR Tiff files generated by HDR Pro in Photoshop, along with other HDR software. There is a major difference from the RC2 version in that you now have ±10 stops of exposure. This can be useful for HDR Tiffs generated by Photomatix Pro. New lens … Continue reading Lightroom 4.1 now available

Final Cut Pro X now available in the Mac App Store

Final Cut Pro X dropped today with a friendly $299 price tag. It's not the full suite that we're used to purchasing, but I actually like the ala-carte method better. Motion 5 and Compressor 4 are also available via the Mac App Store for $49 each. So for $400 you could be on your way … Continue reading Final Cut Pro X now available in the Mac App Store