Lightroom Mobile iOS Update – with RAW support

When Adobe first released Lightroom Mobile back in 2014, I wrote that it was a game changer. My only complaint was that the iOS version of Lightroom couldn't directly import RAW files. RAW images imported on the computer would sync to LR Mobile, so it was semi-useful for culling on the iPad while not at my desk, but what I really wanted was a complete mobile solution. The most recent iOS Lightroom Mobile update gave us that solution.

Day One 2

In my [previous post on using Day One as an Evernote Food replacement](,  I mentioned that they were working on letting us add more than one photo to an entry. Day One 2 is the solution, and it’s available now.

I know people tend to get bent out of shape when forced to pay for an upgrade, myself included. But this one is worth it.

Camera Connection Kit for iPhone?

While updating my iPhone this morning, I noticed a line item that said the USB adapter on the Lightning camera connection kit will now work with the iPhone. I sold my old connection kit with my old iPad Mini, so I haven't been able to test it yet, but if it's true, this is great … Continue reading Camera Connection Kit for iPhone?

Day One as an Evernote Food Replacement

Let's start this post with a moment of silence to honor the recently deceased Evernote Food app... I mean, I get it. Evernote has been making some major changes internally in order to become more profitable. It was inevitable. Nobody is in business to be warm and fuzzy. They're in it to make money. Period. … Continue reading Day One as an Evernote Food Replacement

Pencil by Fifty Three iOS Stylus

Recently, Apple announced the iPad Pro and Pencil stylus. Unfortunately, Apple's stylus only works with the iPad Pro.Long before Apple's Pencil, Fifty Three had their own Pencil stylus. And Fifty Three’s Pencil stylus works with all iOS devices. I love Fifty Three's Paper app, so the other day I decided to pick up their stylus. … Continue reading Pencil by Fifty Three iOS Stylus

A Journal in Evernote with Drafts

I started keeping a journal back in high school. It started as a series of Mac Write documents back in ’90. One file for each year. Eventually, I migrated to Microsoft Word, and then through a series of database applications; Access, FileMaker Pro, Lotus Domino, and Bento all served their personal purpose over the years. … Continue reading A Journal in Evernote with Drafts

Microsoft Outlook for iOS

Microsoft just may have something here...

Microsoft recently released Outlook for iOS. Technically, it's a rebranding of acquisition Acompli, but it's still awesome. I've only been playing with it for a day, but it's already replaced both Apple's Mail app and the Calendar app on my iPhone and iPad. It works incredibly well with Gmail; mail, calendars, and contacts all sync perfectly so far.

TUESDAY TIPS: Removing Recent Notes From the Evernote Widget in iOS 8

Evernote users in iOS 8 May have noticed that they can add an Evernote widget to the Notification Center. It's an awesome way to quickly start a new note of any type. In one of the latest Evernote app updates, however, Recent Notes were added to the Notification Center.   If, like me, you'd rather … Continue reading TUESDAY TIPS: Removing Recent Notes From the Evernote Widget in iOS 8

TUESDAY TIPS: Evernote Scannable App

Looking for an even easier way to get paper into Evernote? Check out Scannable (iOS only for now.) The document camera in Evernote has been awesome for awhile. But it still requires you to open the Evernote app first. To quickly scan a document, business card, or Post-it Note and send it anywhere (including Evernote,) the … Continue reading TUESDAY TIPS: Evernote Scannable App