Day One as an Evernote Food Replacement

Let’s start this post with a moment of silence to honor the recently deceased Evernote Food app

I mean, I get it. Evernote has been making some major changes internally in order to become more profitable. It was inevitable. Nobody is in business to be warm and fuzzy. They’re in it to make money. Period.

But I wish Evernote Food had survived.

I didn’t use it for recipes. I always found the core Evernote app better for that. I used Evernote Food to remember meals. Not just food photos, but the whole experience. The friends, the location, everything. The first time I visited Evernote HQ, a bunch of us went to dinner, and everyone was taking pictures and adding them to the Evernote Food app. It was the first time I felt like I had found my people.

But my people don’t run Evernote. And shit happens. And we move on.

And to be clear–I still use the core Evernote apps daily for pretty much everything else.

I tried using Tumblr to start recording my meals, and it worked okay, but without Foursquare location integration, it wasn’t good enough. I really liked that aspect of Evernote Food.

Then I found Day One. Technically, I had looked at Day One before, but didn’t hang around. This time I approached it as an Evernote Food replacement, and was pleasantly surprised.

It doesn’t interact with Evernote at all, and it only lets me save one photo per post, but it does let me tag a restaurant via Foursquare. It will also log the current weather conditions, step count, and a host of other things when I create a post. And when I’m done, I can choose to publish the entry and send it off to Tumblr, too. The apps aren’t free, but they aren’t that expensive, either.

The single photo limitation is troubling as far as meal photos go. But it does make me stop and think before I shoot. I get one photo to represent an entire meal experience. The struggle is real, folks. But I perservere.

Also, according to Day One:

Multiple photos for a single entry is a highly requested feature. We’re working on an elegant solution, and plan to add support for multi-photo entries in a future update.

So, for now, my EN Food replacement is Day One. It isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough.

What have you found to replace Evernote Food?

Day One iOS App
Day One Mac App

Day One on Twitter

UPDATE 1/30/2016

Day One 2 is announced. But it isn’t a free upgrade. Normally, I get pretty irritated at paid upgrades on iOS apps. But I’m not mad yet. I’ll definitely be ugrading on February 4th, and will let y’all know what I think. 50% off during the first week of release is a solid gesture, but it’s going to have to justify itself as a paid upgrade. I’ve paid for upgrades before (I’m looking at you, Drafts,) and generally speaking, I don’t regret it. I have faith in DayOne. We’ll see if they can deliver.

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    1. Hi Anabela,This looks interesting, but I can’t find much in the way of information on it. Does it integrate with FourSquare or some other service to pull in location information? Thanks for sharing!


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