Last Chance to Win a Canon P-215 Scanner

Just in case you missed the previous two posts, Canon was awesome enough to provide an imageFORMULA P-215 to me for a giveaway. Entering is simple, and instructions are at the bottom of the original contest post.
Last Tuesday, I suggested 5 things you could do with the P-215. How about 5 more?

  1. Fashion conscious? Tear out magazine pages and scan them into Evernote to build up a style library. Reference it next time you go shopping.
  2. Always forgetting your loyalty card numbers? Scan them with the P-215’s card slot and save them in Evernote. Now, no matter what device you’re carrying, you’ll know your card numbers.
  3. Have a pet? Scan his/her vet records into an Evernote notebook. Set a reminder on one of the notes to remember when your favorite four-legged friend needs to go back for a check-up.
  4. Mom gave you a stack of recipes, but they’re all written on 3×5 cards? Scan ’em in to an Evernote recipe notebook! As an added bonus, point Evernote Food to your recipe notebook. When you’re ready to cook, just open up Evernote Food, and go directly to your recipes.
  5. This one might just be me… Scan movie ticket stubs so you remember what you’ve seen. (I occasionally see the same movie twice because I don’t remember seeing it the first time.) I have a “Movies” notebook I reference whenever I’m in doubt.
  6. Since it’s Friday, let’s make it 6. If you have kids, you no doubt have a refrigerator door full of artwork. Scan it all into Evernote, and save it forever.

Today is the last day to enter to win the P-215 scanner. All entries that come in before midnight PDT will be added to the drawing. What are you waiting for?

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