TUESDAY TIPS: Using Lightroom and Skitch Together

Occasionally, I need to mark up a photo to show changes or instructions. Rather than export an image from Lightroom, then import it into Skitch, I set Skitch up as a secondary Edit In option in Lightroom’s preferences.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a round-trip solution. The marking up you do in Skitch won’t make its way back to Lightroom, but if you’re looking for a quick way to annotate a photo, and send it off to someone, this works like a charm.

In Lightroom preferences, click the External Editing tab. In the Additional External Editor box, click the Choose button and select Skitch from the list of applications. Select JPEG as the file format, and lower the resolution a bit. It’s up to you what to put here, but you generally don’t need 300 dpi unless you’re printing something.

Now, when you have an image selected in Lightroom, just hit Command+Option+E on the Mac, or Command+Alt+E on the PC to open your image directly into Skitch. Mark it up, and send it wherever it needs to be sent.

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