TUESDAY TIPS: Five things you could do with a Canon P-215 scanner

If you haven’t noticed, we’re giving away a brand new Canon imageFORMULA P-215 scanner, courtesy of Canon and Evernote. Here are some suggestions of what to do if you win the scanner.

  1. First, the obvious: scan old photos, letters, etc. Store them in Evernote, and you automatically have a backup of all your memories.
  2. Receipts: Scanning receipts isn’t just for expense reports. Scan receipts for big-ticket items you buy, any receipts for things you can write off on your taxes, or receipts for gifts you give people. There’s nothing more embarrassing than buying your neice the same kitten sweatshirt two years in a row. Before you shop, just check your receipts notebook to see what you bought her last year.
  3. Model releases, with ID: If you haven’t moved to electronic release forms yet, you can easily scan them in on-site with the Canon P-215. As a bonus, there’s a card slot to make scanning your model’s ID incredibly simple.
  4. Handwritten notes, lighting diagrams, pose sketches: Basically, anything handwritten. Scan it and toss it in Evernote. Evernote will run OCR on any (legible) handwritten text, and make it searchable.
  5. Bills: Since it is so small, you can keep the scanner almost anywhere. And it’s powered by the USB 3 port, so there’s no need to hunt around for a power outlet. As soon as your bills come in, scan them to Evernote. When it’s time to pay bills, just browse your bills notebook, noting when you paid each one, and a confirmation number (if you paid online, or via phone.) Later, if there’s any question, you can go back and verify that you did, in fact, pay your bill on time.

If you haven’t entered to win the free scanner yet, you have until midnight on Friday, July 26th. Head on over to the official blog post for details.

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