Non-PhotoStream workflow for iPhone and Lightroom

UPDATE: The Dropbox app itself now supports automatic image uploads. Works perfectly for me.

I gave Aperture a shot. I really did. But, for me, it didn’t work as well as Lightroom. So I’m back on Lightroom. The only thing I miss is PhotoStream. It was cool to have all my iPhone photos in Aperture without having to plug the phone in.

I just ran across the iOS app CameraSync. With that, Dropbox, and Lightroom’s Auto Import functionality, I don’t miss PhotoStream anymore. In fact, this workaround adds more functionality, (it works with videos, too.)

  1. If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, get one
  2. Create a folder in your Dropbox directory that will store your iPhone photos
  3. Open Lightroom and go to File>Auto Import>Auto Import Settings
  4. Point it to the Dropbox folder you just created (this folder has to be empty for initial Auto Import setup)
  5. Choose where the imported photos will be stored (I like to use the default–I can always move them later.)
  6. Be sure “Enable Auto Import” is checked
  7. Download CameraSync
  8. Open CameraSync, select Dropbox, login, and select the folder you created in step 2
  9. Choose whether to upload new photos or existing and let it do its thing
  10. Snap a few new photos
  11. Go back to Lightroom. You should see it importing photos shortly after you snap them on the iPhone
  12. Fiddle with the CameraSync settings to your liking

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