More proof that the best camera is the one you have with you

I’ve found myself leaving my P&S at home now that I have the iPhone 4s. They seem to have fixed most of the white balance issues, and the image quality is almost as good as my little Canon P&S. I’ve tried so many different camera apps on my iPhone, but I’ve narrowed it down to just a few. I generally use the default camera to actually take the photo–it’s quick and (now that iOS 5 is out,) easy to get to. Once I have the shot, I use Camera+, and Photogene2 to do some minimal creative editing. Once I have the edited version, I share using PathInstagram, and Posterous. If I need a panoramic shot, I’ll use Pano, and if I want to shoot an HDR, I’ll use TrueHDR instead of the built-in HDR functionality of the iPhone camera app.

Lockergnome posted an article today featuring a video of Kris Krug about using your iPhone for photography. Hit that link for the full article, or watch the video below.

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