Kayla and Coffee

I never have quite as much time as I'd like when I visit Portland. So instead of big shoots that require driving and setup and all that, we opted for something simple this time. Ava Roasteria has a great location in Progress Ridge next to a large pond. There are outdoor tables on the west... Continue Reading →

Steve Wolff – Signature MT Magazine

Remember My buddy Steve from the courthouse aerial footage? He’s back again for the Signature MT Winter 2018 edition. Signature Montana is a quarterly magazine for Montanans, by Montanans. Landing a cover is awesome, but check out the article inside featuring a collection of Steve’s photos. Especially the old combine silhouetted against an impressive aurora... Continue Reading →

Vantage Point

Recently, I was contacted by the Light company and asked about my favorite location to shoot as part of their #VantagePoint project. It made me realize that I don't really have one favorite location. I have several, and they're all outside. I'm not opposed to shooting in a studio, but I definitely prefer to be outdoors.

Lightroom Mobile iOS Update – with RAW support

When Adobe first released Lightroom Mobile back in 2014, I wrote that it was a game changer. My only complaint was that the iOS version of Lightroom couldn't directly import RAW files. RAW images imported on the computer would sync to LR Mobile, so it was semi-useful for culling on the iPad while not at my desk, but what I really wanted was a complete mobile solution. The most recent iOS Lightroom Mobile update gave us that solution.


I've been lucky to watch these guys grow up, and it was awesome that they let me go to their graduation.


Remote Photography

I've been eyeballing drones for a couple of years now, and since DJI dropped the prices on their Phantom 3 Standard and Advanced models, I decided now was as good a time as any to pick one up.

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