A Year in Pictures: 2019

It’s that time of year again. Breaking down a few stats from my Lightroom library to see what’s what. I already know I took fewer photos this year–it’s been a weird year for me photographically speaking. This is something I plan to change in 2020

Camera Use

The first thing I always look at is which camera I used the most. There have been years where the count of iPhone images almost matched the count of DSLR images. That tells me that I’m letting my investment collect too much dust.

Camera# of Photos
Sony A7R III3571
iPhone XS2001
Sony A7 II1128

I picked up the A7R III in the Spring of 2019, so the fact that the A7 II had 1000 shots surprises me. The fact that I only shot 3500 frames on the A7R III is disappointing. Quantity isn’t everything, but looking back through the year’s pictures, there are very few that really stand out. Need to make some changes.

Lens Use

I leave the 50mm on my A7R III pretty much all the time. I usually carry an extra lens with me, depending on where I’m going and what I think I might see. If I’m heading into town, I bring the 85mm, if I’m gong out in the sticks, I bring the 100-400mm.

Lens# of Photos
Sony FE 50mm ƒ1.81998
Sony FE 100-400 ƒ4.5-5.6 GM OSS1269
Sony FE 85mm ƒ1.8790

Other Stats

The term “favorite” in this post is purely based on numbers. It’s whatever got used the most in any given period of time.

Favorite ISO: 100

Favorite Focal Length: 4mm (iPhone, obviously)

Favorite Aperture: ƒ1.8

Favorite Shutter Speed: 1/1000

Favorite DSLR or Mirrorless: A7R III

Favorite Point and Shoot: Sony DSC-HX99

Favorite Mobile Camera: iPhone XS

Black and White vs. Color

Black and WhiteColor

Total Images Shot in 2019


Compare that to total images shot in 2018: 10,690. Clearly I need to make some changes in 2020.

The Last Decade

Total Images81,157
Total Cameras114
Total Lenses123
Favorite CameraSony A7 II
Favorite LensCanon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM
Black and White images7,536
Color Images73,621

Previous YEARS

2018 Year in Photos

2017 Year in Photos

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