52 Portraits 2021

I just realized I hadn't posted anything about the 52 Portraits project for 2021. It's been a slow start, but as of today, I've managed to get 10 portraits. Slow and steady, right? The full gallery is at 52.daniel.photo, but here are the first 10 (11 if you count the self portrait to start the... Continue Reading →

52 Portraits 2020 Summary

Well, 52 didn't quite pan out this year. I'd love to blame it all on Covid, but the truth is I slacked off. I mean, Covid had a little to do with it--especially when I was dealing with it directly. It was a good first experiment, though, so I'm not chalking it up to a... Continue Reading →

52 Portraits

I've done the 52 week projects before. I've done the 365 projects. Most of the time, they were disappointing. I'd realize at the last moment that I hadn't shot a photo for the week or day and end up just grabbing some random emotionless shot to satisfy the requirements of the project. I'm not letting... Continue Reading →

52 Weeks : Week 21 : Friends

FRIENDSThis week's photo should be easy. Grab a selfie with your friends, or a moody portrait of one friend in particular. If you're the reclusive type, create a dramatic photo of your cats. Or your squirrel friend.Head on over to the Facebook event page and join, or read up on the 52 Weeks Project here.

52 Weeks : Week 14 : Humor

We’re going to honor April Fool’s Day this week, but the theme will be pretty broad. Think humor, fools, laughter, satire. I’m sure this doesn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyway. If there’s a person involved, be sure you’re laughing with them, not at them (selfies, anyone?)It's never too late to jump in on the project.... Continue Reading →

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