52 Portraits 2020 Summary

Well, 52 didn’t quite pan out this year. I’d love to blame it all on Covid, but the truth is I slacked off. I mean, Covid had a little to do with it–especially when I was dealing with it directly. It was a good first experiment, though, so I’m not chalking it up to a total loss. I learned a lot about myself and how I perfer to shoot. I learned how much trouble I have randomly asking people if I can take their photo. So… Things to work on in 2021.

I am going to fire up the project again in 2021. I think I’ll do this year in black and white. I love black and white portraits, so why not? I managed to squeeze in 24 portraits in 2020, so my goal (other than to actually hit 52,) is to at least get more than 24 this year.

Who’s with me? Anyone going to attempt a 52 project this year?

Keep an eye out for the 2021 gallery. I’ll get it set up once I kick the remaining pneumonia and get out shooting again.

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