Kayla, Ashlee, and Kanchan

Now that summer is (more or less) here in the Pacific Northwest, I’m trying to get in as many fun photo sessions as possible. A few weekends ago, Kanchan joined Kayla, Ashlee, and I on a trip out to the Coast Range of Oregon for an afternoon shoot.

Just after we got into the mountains, we crossed a creek. It looked awesome, so we decided to try to shoot there. The light proved to be challenging, but we managed to get a few we liked.

From there, we headed to Cochran Pond. That whole area is full of places to shoot, so we spent the rest of the day there. I still don’t know how they walked down dirt roads and through grass in high heels without breaking an ankle, but they did.

At the end of the day, we headed up to the top of a nearby mountain to get in a few final shots.

This is becoming my absolute favorite type of shoot. We just brainstorm ideas, then get out and shoot for fun. It’s a blast every time, and I hope we get to squeeze in a few more shoots before the summer is over.

Also, some of my favorite shots are the ones where everyone is goofing around.

What better way to end the day than with food?

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