Nine Years with Evernote

June 24th, 2017 was Evernote’s 9-year anniversary. There’s a great article featuring the founder of Evernote on Medium. And a post on Evernote’s blog.

Three years ago, I created this blog post with stats about my Evernote usage. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at my nine-year numbers.

I don’t use tags much anymore. The only time I use them is when archiving notes. Before I move notes to my archive notebook, I tag them with their original notebook name.

Even though I created an account in December of 2008, I didn’t really start using Evernote until April of 2009. Most people I talk to have the same experience with Evernote. They download it, sign up, and try it out, but don’t use it much. It isn’t until that “a-ha” moment–the moment they realize how powerful Evernote is, and how useful it can be in their life–that they really start using it every day.

That’s part of why Evernote continues to be such a useful tool. It provides a framework for storing information, then it gets out of the way. Everyone has a different way to use Evernote.

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