Multiple Exposure Mode on the Canon 5D Mk III

When you’re sick, and stuck on the couch, and run out of Game of Thrones episodes to watch, you have to find other ways to entertain yourself. Last week, I was sick, and I decided to poke around in the menus of my 5D Mk III. I found the Multiple Exposures menu item.

I’ve never done much with multiple exposures, so I decided to play with the feature. Fearing instant death if I were to walk outside, I shot my yard from the windows in my house. This didn’t produce epic results, but taught me a bit about how the feature behaved. Honestly, it was pretty cool. I can’t say that it’s something I’d use a lot, but now that I know it’s there, I’ll try to experiment with it when I can go outside again.

There are options associated with the Multiple Exposure setting. You can shoot one frame at a time, checking each one before shooting the next, or set to continuous shooting (up to 9 frames) to blend an action shot. Choosing a blend mode is pretty straightforward if you’re used to using Photoshop. Additive, Average, Bright, and Dark. You can also choose an existing image to start the multi-exposure image, if you prefer. Saving source images is also possible. If you really want to go gung-ho with multiple exposures, choose Continuously instead of 1 Shot Only under the Continue Multi-exp: setting.

It was a great way to kill some down time, and learn a previously unexplored feature of my camera. Have you tried the Multiple Exposure feature Canon added to the Mk III? I’d be interested in seeing what people come up with.

For the record, the dog was not impressed.

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