Becca’s Photo Shoot

This one is another collaboration with Krystal of August Hair Artistry. She brought in Dallas and her awesome airbrush makeup skills, and they enlisted the help of Becca to model for us. Becca was one week away from a competition, so she was completely ripped.

This was my first shoot of this type, and I’m happy with the results. Everything went perfectly–hair, makeup, model, lighting, and location. It’s rare to have a shoot where nothing goes wrong.

We used natural light coming through an east-facing window and a reflective disk early in the morning. Later in the morning, we switched to two speedlights. The key light was camera left and placed in an octagonal softbox. The hair light is a bare speedlight behind and to the right of the model.

I’m hoping to book additional shoots like this, and Krystal, Dallas and I are currently working on a specialized package.

UPDATE: Congratulations on placing third in your first competition, Becca!

 August Hair Artistry
August Hair Artistry
 MUAH Makeup by Dallas
MUAH Makeup by Dallas

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