The Year of the iPhone

Lightroom Data

I decided to dig around in Lightroom to see how many photos I took each year, going back to when I started taking digital photos. I ended up grabbing a bit more data just for kicks.

Photos Per Year

In addition to Lightroom data, I grabbed some numbers from Flickr. Looks like 2008 was a good year for photos.

Chart - Photo Data


When I looked at the Lightroom data, I checked to see which camera was used the most to create the photos for each year. What surprises me is the 2013 winner. The iPhone 5. Up until this year, my primary camera was typically my DSLR (or point and shoot before I had a DSLR.)

2000 Unknown
2001 Unknown
2002 HP Photosmart 318
2003 HP Photosmart 318
2004 Canon EOS Digital Rebel
2005 Canon EOS Digital Rebel
2006 HP Photosmart R507
2007 Canon EOS Digital Rebel
2008 Canon EOS 40D
2009 Canon EOS 40D
2010 Canon EOS 40D
2011 Canon EOS 7D
2012 Canon EOS 7D
2013 iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 isn’t my first iPhone, but it is the first iPhone that has replaced my point and shoot camera. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Don’t get me wrong—the iPhone 5 has a decent camera as long as you’re shooting with a lot of light—but I have a perfectly good Canon EOS M that should be my walking around camera. I’m going to have to make some changes in 2014.

This is why I actually kind of love historical data. It’s fun to play with.

How about you? Has your phone replaced the camera you used to carry around?

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