52 Portraits : 13/52

If you’ve spent any time in downtown Great Falls, you’ve probably seen Jenn and her laptop working on an article. She runs The Electric Great Falls, and she does a kick-ass job of reporting things that matter to Great Falls.

Boudoir with Kayla

Kayla had some ideas for a towel shot, so we figured we'd make a whole boudoir shoot out of it. It's been awhile since I've done a shoot like this, but we figured it out. Kayla rocked it, as always, and we ended up with some great images. The window light was great, but we... Continue Reading →


Back in 2011, I shot Malala's senior photos: This week I had the opportunity to get her in front of my camera again. Hopefully, we'll find time to do more shoots when I'm in Portland.

Courthouse Update

Steve and I had the opportunity to get some drone footage inside the Cascade County Courthouse this week. Flying inside is never quite as easy as flying outside, but the fact that this is a 115-year-old building on the National Register of Historic Places made it even more challenging. We weren't as worried about damaging... Continue Reading →

Kayla at the Coast

Kayla and I have canceled far too many shoots due to rain over the past year or so. So this time, we actually planned for a rain shoot. 

Naturally, it didn't rain.

Shooting Kayla at Hagg Lake

A while back, I had the opportunity to photograph three beautiful women in a collaboration project with a hair stylist and a makeup artist. We didn't move as quickly as planned, and Kayla ended up with only a few minutes of camera time. Since then, we've tried to get together to do another shoot, but weather and schedules always seemed to get in the way. This weekend, we finally had a chance to shoot.

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