Canon EOs M6 Mk II

I know, I know--I switched to Sony almost 5 years ago. But I missed my old M3 with the 22mm ƒ2 lens. It was the perfect walking around camera. The Sony A7R III is a small camera, but Sony just doesn't have a pancake lens I like. So I bought the M6 and the 22mm.... Continue Reading →

Rolleiflex and Kowa Six MM

These are the newest members of the collection. One of these days I’m going to need to get all the old film cameras together for a photo. I don’t remember when I started collecting old cameras, but I’m glad I did. Every now and then I run across something worth buying. Some of them (like... Continue Reading →


Apparently I never wrote about switching from Canon to Sony?! Let's fix that. I got my first Canon back in 1988. It was an AE-1 and I loved it. I shot through rolls and rolls of film. I took a class from a photo place in town and shot school sports, portraits, wildlife, weather--anything I... Continue Reading →

Minolta XL-400

I recently picked up a Minolta XL-400. It isn't currently working, so I can't say much about it. I'm looking forward to getting it repaired so I can run a pack of 8mm film through it.

Sony Mavica

My very first digital camera was a Sony Mavica. Technically, it wasn't mine. It belonged to the company I worked for at the time. My general manager knew I was into photography, so he'd let me take it home on the weekends.

Canon AE-1

A few years back, I managed to score a free Canon AE-1 on Craigslist. It needed a little work, and I finally took it in to Blue Moon to get it fixed. They had it back to me earlier than promised, and I can't wait to run a roll through it. 

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