Some Sunsets Don’t Work

I put the bird in the air tonight, hoping to catch an epic sunset. Sadly, the sunset fizzled out with barely any color. I still got a great aerial view of Ulm, MT. I really like the top down shot of the gas station. Now that the weather is better, expect more aerial shots…

Courthouse Update

Steve and I had the opportunity to get some drone footage inside the Cascade County Courthouse this week. Flying inside is never quite as easy as flying outside, but the fact that this is a 115-year-old building on the National Register of Historic Places made it even more challenging. We weren't as worried about damaging... Continue Reading →

Remote Photography

I've been eyeballing drones for a couple of years now, and since DJI dropped the prices on their Phantom 3 Standard and Advanced models, I decided now was as good a time as any to pick one up.

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