Friends and Photography

My buddy Steve came back to Central Montana for a visit last week, so we decided to have a beer and shoot some photos. He brought his Inspire 2 with him, and I charged up a battery for my Mavic, and we headed west of Ulm to try to find a tree I remember shooting... Continue Reading →

Sunrise Photos to Start 2021

Let's face it, 2020 was just a weird year. It was an uncreative one for me--I shot fewer photos than I ever have. So last night I decided I was going to start 2021 off right. I didn't care what the subject matter was, I just new I was going to start the day shooting... Continue Reading →

Some Sunsets Don’t Work

I put the bird in the air tonight, hoping to catch an epic sunset. Sadly, the sunset fizzled out with barely any color. I still got a great aerial view of Ulm, MT. I really like the top down shot of the gas station. Now that the weather is better, expect more aerial shots…


Years ago, when I got my first 35mm, I would sit outside at night during a thunderstorm shooting lighting. I'd set my camera on bulb mode, and wait till a few bolts went off. After I moved to Portland, I was slightly disappointed that lightning and thunder weren't all that common. Now that I'm back... Continue Reading →

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