Friends and Photography

My buddy Steve came back to Central Montana for a visit last week, so we decided to have a beer and shoot some photos.

He brought his Inspire 2 with him, and I charged up a battery for my Mavic, and we headed west of Ulm to try to find a tree I remember shooting in the past. We got out of the house a little later than we’d planned, so we missed the bulk of sunset, but still managed to grab a few decent shots.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need more photographer friends.

The smaller population of Montana is both a pro and a con. I love the fact that I can drive 15 minutes and be somewhere I know I won’t run into another person, but it also limits the opportunities to spend time with people who have similar interests. You can’t throw a rock in Portland without hitting another photographer or a model. It’s a little more challenging to find them here. Don’t get me wrong–Montana is full of phenomenal photographers. They just tend to be a little more spread out geographically.

At any rate, it was great to get to hang out with Steve for a bit and geek out over creating cool images. And I manged to grab a shot of Steve for the 52 Portraits project.

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