Year in Photos 2022

It’s that time of year again.

2022 was an odd year in photography for me. I was less than inspired most of the time. My 52 project fell short, and I can’t blame Covid this time. I’m really not looking to blame anything—2022 was what it was. It was great in so many ways, and it was challenging in others.

Most of my portrait shots were done with my friend Lily, and I’m a huge fan of what we’ve been able to create together with minimal (or no) planning, and am looking forward to seeing what we can come up with in 2023.

I think one of the challenges with the 52 project was the camera stipulation I put in place—all photos had to be taken with the Canon M6. It seemed like a fun challenge at the time, but I just ended up missing great shots because I didn’t have it with me. In 2023, anything goes. Phone, M6, A7R3, Polaroid—whatever camera I have with me at the time.

Anyway… On to the stats.

Total images were up this year, but picks didn’t go up significantly. So 2022 was quantity over quality. Shit happens. Five star photos are any images that I deem portfolio-worthy. They only went up by one, which isn’t surprising since I didn’t do a lot of portrait work this year. Black and white went up due to the 52 project, and I anticipate it going up even more in 2023 simply because I love black and white photos.

Even though I picked up the Canon M6 this year, and packed it around more than the A7R3, the Sony still edged the Canon out as the most-used camera in 2022. 3033 images from the Sony, and 983 from the Canon. What I didn’t do much of again in 2022 was drone photography. Need to change that in 2023. I think I say that every year.

Side note–the tool I used to use to analyze my Lightroom catalog (Lightroom Dashboard) doesn’t appear to exist anymore. That’s too bad. It was an awesome tool.

Here’s to creating more in 2023. To stepping outside my comfort zone, and pushing myself creatively.

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