Year in Photos 2021

The 52 Portraits project was actually pretty successful this year, and I feel like I did more model shoots in 2021 than I did in 2020 (obviously–Covid.) I added some stats this year to get a better idea of trends. Instead of just number of photos, I grabbed number of picks and 5-star rated photos in my Lightroom library.

So even though the total number of images taken in 2021 is lower, the number I deemed worthy of a 5-star rating went up. Quality over quantity, yo. (Also, I guess 2017 was a really, really good year for photos.) These numbers change from time to time, as I occasionally going back and re-rate photos. I was a little surprised as to just how much the number of photos taken decreased this year.

It’s no surprise that the Sony A7R III remained my most-used camera, but the 85mm edged out the 50mm as my most popular lens of the year. I’m guessing this is mainly due to the 52 Portraits project–I use it almost exclusively for that.


I shot more black and white images this year–again due to the 52 Project. I think I’m going to stick with black and white for that project in 2022, so I imagine the numbers will be similar next year.

50/52 Arnie

I started out 2021 recovering from Covid, and the need to get out of the house led me to just get in the car and drive around taking photos. Unfortunately, that habit didn’t stick around all year.

First photo of 2021.

I think I finally gave up on Flickr–especially with the price increase. I can’t justify paying for SmugMug and Flickr. It’s too bad, really, because there really isn’t a better social site for photography. Facebook is crap, and Facebook has slowly but surely ruined Instagram. I do have a pretty well curated Twitter feed now, so I’ve been sharing more there. You can find me at @danhedrick over there.

I haven’t done much drone work over the past year. Might need to change that in 2022. My old Mavic is getting a little long in the teeth, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to replace it yet.

I’ve found a few more models that I’m looking forward to working with next year, and I’m hoping to do some themed shoots.

Overall, moving back to Montana was a little bumpy photographically speaking, but everything is starting to come together.

What about you? How was your year in photoraphy? Any new ideas you’re going to tackle in the new year?

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