Three weeks sounds like a long time. It isn’t.

In September, I traveled to Portland for my buddy’s wedding and my daughter’s birthday. I had grand plans to see a lot of people, but after three weeks, there were still a handful of people I didn’t have time to visit. I’ll catch them next time.

I’ve been slacking on the 52 Portraits project, but I managed to get several more during the trip. It’s an interesting struggle. I bring my camera everywhere, but once I start getting into a conversation with someone, I completely forget to ask to take their picture. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Being completely present in the moment when you’re face to face with someone (especially after the past year and a half,) is a great thing. I just need to remember to grab a photo before conversation starts.

Also–I originally started this project as a way to meet strangers. These 52 portraits were supposed to consist mainly of people I don’t know. But I’m beginning to realize that I like the fact that they’re mostly people I do know. They form a sort of timeline of the people I got to spend time with over the year. I dig it.

At any rate, here are 17-26 of this year’s project, shot in either Walla Walla, Washington or Portland, Oregon. I’m halfway there with 3 months left in the year.

As always, the full gallery can be found at 52.daniel.photo.

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