Fix: Day One December Update Won’t Install

Towards the end of December, the MacOS App Store notified me of an update for the Day One app. Every attempt I made to install the update failed. On both of my MacBooks. I made sure to quit the Day One app and the Day One menu bar extension, but every attempt to run the update failed without any kind of error message.

I emailed support, and they suggested making sure DOWidgetExtension was stopped in Activity Monitor. I had to Force Quit the process, but doing so finally allowed the update to install successfully.

Find the DOWidgetsExtension
Force Quit the extension

I couldn’t find anything on Google about this, so I thought I’d post it just in case someone else was having the same issue. Clearly it’s not a wide spread issue, but if it’s a problem for you, give this solution a try.

Much thanks to Adam at Day One for the suggestion.

UPDATE 1/27/21

Day One update error

This is becoming a theme with Day One updates. I got another error when trying to update Day One this morning. The error is strange, because the update does, in fact, download. It just won’t install. I went into Activity Monitor again to see if any Day One processes were running, but they weren’t.

Why does Day One hate me? 🙂

I’ll post an update if anything changes. I’m sure y’all are sitting on the edge of your seat in suspense.

UPDATE: 2 minutes later…

After I posted that last update, I closed the WordPress app on my laptop and gave the Day One update another shot. Two things happened: The WordPress app reopened to this post, and the Day One update completed successfully. Apparently, 2021 is going to be just as weird as 2020.

Update 3/2/21

Apparently it’s more of an App Store thing than a Day One thing. I’ve had multiple apps fail to update on both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. They eventually update if I keep trying, but it’s definitely a glitchy process.

One more update 4/2/21

Because, why not? Still having issues with updating all apps in the Mac App Store, but Day One tends to be more stubborn than the rest. Eventually, if I keep trying, it will install.

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