Almost Summer in the Backyard

After a brutal February and a chilly spring, summer weather is finally starting to show up. I spent about an hour in the back yard with a beer and the big lens trying to capture all the birds. Of course, they were all over the fence before I brought the camera out. But once the camera was in my hands, they disappeared. One little robin decided to hop up an check me out briefly. He had a mouthful of bugs.

 Busy bird
Busy bird

Since the birds weren’t cooperating, the dog made a decent subject. As did the rocks. And the sunset didn’t disappoint.

I’m actually a fan of winter and snow—it’s one of the reasons I wanted to leave Portland to move back to Montana. But damn. Summer is awesome. There’s nothing better than being outside with a beer and a camera. And who says you have to travel to some exotic location to get great shots?

When was the last time you explored your back yard with a camera?

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