TUESDAY TIPS: Evernote + Doxie + New Puppy

Diego notebook in Evernote

I recently decided that it was time I got myself a dog. Moving from the condo to a house with a yard was a big part of the decision. Less work travel makes me more puppy-friendly, too.

The web is full of adoptable pets. I kept track of the ones I was interested in by clipping the web pages with Evernote Web Clipper.

Picking up the puppy also involves picking up all the paperwork that goes along with it. Adoption papers, vaccination records, vet records, receipts for food, toys, etc. The stack of paper I brought home was almost as big as the puppy himself. Once he was asleep, I fired up the Doxie One scanner, and ran all that paper through it. All the scans were sent wirelessly to my computer via the Eye-Fi card in the scanner, “stapled” in the Doxie app, and sent to an Evernote notebook I started for the dog. The papers went in the shredder instead of a filing cabinet.

Of course, the hardest part of getting the new dog was coming up with a name. I asked friends and family for suggestions, and wrote them all down in Evernote. I’d go back every now and then and look at the note, then narrow down the choices until I was left with the one I wanted.

As time goes on, I’ll keep adding to the puppy’s notebook. More vet records, milestones, maybe even some photos of him growing up. When he’s in his later years, instead of a manilla folder full of paper taking up space, I’ll just have the Evernote notebook. Completely searchable, and available on whatever device I have with me at the time.

Diego the German Shepherd Mix
Diego the German Shepherd Mix

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