Sunset Test Shoot with Lily

Lily and I have been talking about shooting for half a year. We finally found the time (and weather!) to squeeze in a quick test shoot. She’s an amazing photographer herself, so she was basically reading my mind while we wandered around this spot on a dirt road in Central Montana. We already have plans... Continue Reading →

52 Portraits 2022

Better late than never, right? I kinda knew I wanted to shoot this year's photos with the Canon M6, so I had to wait until I picked it up. But, we're off and running. Here's the obligatory self portrait, and 1 of 52. As always, the full gallery can be found at Let's get... Continue Reading →

52 Portraits Update

I've had other things on my mind the past few months, but I did manage to add a few portraits to the project last weekend. 11-16 are in the books now. As always, head over to to see the full gallery, and get in touch if you're in Central Montana or Portland and want... Continue Reading →

52 Portraits 2021

I just realized I hadn't posted anything about the 52 Portraits project for 2021. It's been a slow start, but as of today, I've managed to get 10 portraits. Slow and steady, right? The full gallery is at, but here are the first 10 (11 if you count the self portrait to start the... Continue Reading →

52 Portraits: 19/52 (and a photo shoot)

On a recent trip to Missoula, I had the opportunity to shoot with a new model. It was primarily a test shoot, but I ended up really liking what we were able to capture. The sunset didn't cooperate (does it ever?) but golden hour was outstanding. It felt good to actually get out and shoot something other than landscapes.

52 Portraits: 17-18/52

ArtsFest is going on in downtown Great Falls right now. I wandered around with Jason and Heather, looking at this year's murals, and ended up with 17 and 18 of the 52 portraits. COVID definitely threw a wrench in this project, but I'm still committed to 52 portraits this year...

52 Portraits : 14-16/52

If you live in or near Great Falls, and you've never been to Elevation 3330, go. Especially on Taco Tuesday. Last night, they were good sports and let me shoot their portraits for my 52 project.

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