This should probably be on the 406 Photos site, but I’m focused on this one for now, so it is what it is.

I met some friends at the temporary Kellergeist location this afternoon. They’re slinging drinks from the old Bert & Ernies location until the renovations are done at the real Kellergeist. The Biergarten is open, and today was a great day to sit outside and drink a beer.

Blue skies and a breeze made the afternoon comfortable.

It’s funny. Since I moved back, I’ve discovered that several friends all own businesses in Great Falls. I barely consider myself an adult, and people younger than me are out here running successful businesses. I went to high school with one of the owners at Kellergeist, so I try to swing in for a beer or two when I can.

It’s hit or miss for me with German beer, but ya can’t go wrong with a Hefeweizen.

I had planned on accomplishing things today—the lawn needs to be mowed, the house needs to be cleaned, laundry is piling up… But sometimes you just need a day to sit in the sun with friends. The lawn will still be long tomorrow, and the house and laundry won’t disappear (I wish.) I just need to head home to feed the dogs. I’m sure they think they’re starving to death at this point, (they aren’t.)

That’s all I got. No real structure to these impromptu posts. Just “Hey, here’s a picture and a thought and I’m out.”

Experiments are fun.

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