2020 Senior Banners

There are very few reasons to get up at 5am. Photography is at the top of the list of reasons. When my buddy Jason of Speaking Socially said he was going to be downtown hanging up the banners to honor this year’s high school seniors, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to document the morning.

As a 40-something, it’s easy to forget how big a milestone graduating is. As 17-18 year olds, we might’ve feigned indifference towards the event, but most of us were quietly stoked to walk across the stage to prove we survived 4 years of homework, hormones, and social awkwardness.

High schools in Great Falls did manage to live stream graduations this weekend, and students were allowed to have a couple family members present. It’s not quite the same as a stadium full of friends and family, but given the circumstances, I’m impressed with the school district’s effort.

Speaking Socially and Embark Credit Union teamed up to create 35 banners displaying all of the graduating seniors’ faces. Early Friday morning, they hung them along Central Avenue.

Heather from Broadwater Coffee Brewing was kind enough to grab a picture of me, too.

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