Arts Fest Montana 2019

Great Falls can sometimes feel a little… behind. Culturally. Don’t get me wrong—I love this town, but it needs a little something. We’re starting to get some awesome local restaurants, and this past weekend, I watched several artists paint amazing murals on buildings downtown.

My buddy owns Speaking Socially, so I spent most of my time watching his wall get painted by the amazing Jenna Morello, but we wandered around and checked out the other murals, too.

If you’re in Great Falls, take a quick walk (or drive) through downtown to see the awesome artwork.

  1. You can’t miss the toucan on Central and 7th

  2. The alley across from enbar houses the wolf and the trout, and a handful of other creations

  3. The east wall of Speaking Socially on 1st Avenue North (next to Great Harvest Bread) displays the leaves

If you want to check out the artists…

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