How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse with Evernote

Almost everyone knows how Evernote enhances the lives of… well… the living. But can it also ensure the living stay living in the event of an undead overpopulation? Absolutely.
Create a notebook stack called Zombie Apocalypse. In that stack, add the following notebooks:

  • Apocalypse checklist
  • Supplies
  • Safe houses
  • Escape routes
  • Possible supply replenishment locations
  • Zombie sightings
  • Living contacts/Family album
  • Apocalypse journal

Apocalypse Checklist

Long before the apocalypse is upon us, make a list. Each item should be its own note in your Apocalypse checklist notebook. Make the notes Reminders so you can check them off as you’re scurrying around your house, trying to keep a level head. There might be some overlap with the Supplies notebook, but you can use note links to keep everything connected. Your list should contain all the things you need to do before you make a run for the hills. Things like: call your loved ones, load the dog/cat into the car, pack clothes, cancel your gym membership (good luck with that one.) The really important stuff.


Start hoarding supplies. Water, canned goods, guns and ammo, clean underwear, etc. Log all of this in Evernote with quantities and photos. Bonus points if you stash your supplies around town and make note of the locations in Evernote. If a list of supplies is at your fingertips, you’ll easily be able to determine if you have enough to let the hot girl down the hall tag along when you make your escape. You’ll also know when you’re running out. You’ll have to decide for yourself what to do when that happens. One suggestion: invest in a solar charging solution for your phone or tablet so you’ll be able to keep using Evernote. As a back up, stock up on Moleskine notebooks. If your phone dies, you can write on paper, like they did in the old days, until you find an alternative power source. Once your phone is charged back up, use the Document Camera in Evernote to get the handwritten pages digitized and preserved forever.

Safe Houses

You should probably have three locations that can be used as safe houses. They don’t necessarily have to be houses. In fact, if you’ve seen any movies, you know that staying in town at all is a bad idea. Head out in different directions and find places with good water and game, then jot them down in Evernote. If you use your phone, the note will be geotagged so finding the location will be easy when all Hell has broken loose.

Escape Routes

While you’re out scouting locations, it’s probably a good idea to keep track of the best routes to those safe houses. Ideally, whip up a couple of options in Google Maps, then use Skitch to mark ’em up and get them into Evernote. Remember, hordes of people will be trying to get out of town the same time you are, and freeways will quickly become littered with the undead. Be creative when selecting escape routes.

Supply Replenishment Locations

As long as you’re wandering around, make a note of different commercial locations that could be pillaged if you run out of supplies. Again, use the Evernote app for your phone to make sure those notes are geotagged. Bonus points for sticking a Post-it Note on the building with a list of available supplies, and snapping a photo with the Post-it Camera.

Zombie Sightings

Once the shit hits the fan, you’ll want to keep track of where the zombie hotspots are so you can avoid them. Don’t forget to add a photo to the note–they are worth a thousand words, after all, and it’s hard to type when you’re running from zombies.

Living Contacts/Family Album

Your cell phone should work for a little while. Keep in touch with your friends and family and make notes as to who is still alive, and who wants to eat your brains. Email your safe house note to anyone you want to join you. This is also a great place to keep photos of your loved ones. You’ll always be able to remember them as they were, and not as the lumbering, cranium crunching flesh fiends they will inevitably become.

Apocalypse Journal

Last, but definitely not least: keep an apocalypse journal. If any humans survive, future generations will either learn from, or be entertained by your panic-stricken account of events. Add photos and audio recordings of zombies on the prowl. Even if Phil himself becomes a lurching, drooling, moaning corpse, your data will be safe.

One more thing to remember:
Eventually, telecommunications systems will fail. Don’t get stuck without your notebooks! Download all of the notebooks in your Zombie Apocalypse stack as offline notebooks while you still have a network connection.

Hope everyone has a fun/safe Halloween! If you have any Evernote Undead tips to add, leave them in the comments before it’s too late.

h/t to Kristi Govertsen for the initial idea for this post

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