Evernote Conference and Top Ten List – Part Two

In the last post, I covered the top ten ways Evernote helps my personal life organized. This post will focus on how Evernote helps me in my day job.

Part II: The Job That Pays the Bills

Organizing Work Requests

Most of my work requests come in via email. I used to keep them all in Outlook, using flags to keep track of everything. Now that Evernote has added Reminders, as soon as a request comes in, it gets forwarded to my Evernote email address and a Reminder is added to it. This works really well, because all the information about the task is stored in the same place as the reminder. If I’ve basically completed a task, but need to follow up in a week, I can just change the Reminder date. When the task is really done, it gets checked as completed, and moved to a ToDo Archive notebook. If I ever need to know when I completed something, I only have to do a quick search in the archive notebook.

Work Related Documentation

Over the years I’ve worked with both proprietary and publicly available software. Often, I have no prior experience with the software, so I track down all the documentation I can and store it in an Evernote notebook. Since Evernote lets me search PDFs, finding information is simple and quick.


I don’t travel as much as I used to, but when I do, everything related to the trip goes into a notebook. Each trip gets its own notebook. Travel itineraries, hotel and restaurant information, meeting notes, and receipts all live here until the trip is done and the expense report is completed. When everything is finished, I tag every note with the name of the trip and drop the notes into a Trip Archive notebook.

Important Emails

Occasionally I get emails that I need to save. I’ve lost too many relying on Outlook folders, so now they get forwarded to Evernote. If they contain sensitive information, they get saved to a local notebook instead of one that syncs across all my devices.

Meeting Notes

Whenever I have a meeting or conference call, I take notes in Evernote. If nobody objects, I’ll also record the audio in the same note so I can go back and review later to see if I missed anything. If someone missed the meeting, I can email the note to them.

Project Management

Every project I work on gets its own Notebook. Occasionally my Travel notebooks and Project notebooks overlap, but there is always just one notebook per trip/project. I store all digital assets in the project notebook (as long as they don’t exceed file size constraints.) When the project is complete, I tag all notes with the project name, and move them into a project archive notebook.

Style and Logo Reference

We have several logos for different divisions, and are very careful with our brand guidelines. All logos and style information gets dropped into a Style notebook so I have it with me wherever I am. If someone asks me for a logo, I can send it directly from Evernote.

Sharing With Colleagues

I recently attended advanced training with the company who provides our digital signage software. Since they are Evernote Business users, we created a shared notebook to increase communication and collaboration. It’s a great way for me to continue to learn, as well. They can drop additional training materials in the shared notebook when ever they want.

Design Portfolio

Once in awhile, I design logos, ads, or other graphics. The final versions get exported and added to a portfolio notebook. If I ever need to show my work, I can pick and choose from this notebook to provide pertinent examples of my work.

Equipment Documentation and Inventory

I like to know what I’m responsible for. Any time I get a new piece of equipment, I log the serial number and the internal asset tag number in a note. Any maintenance or tech-support calls get logged to the same note so I have a searchable history.


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Even though the company as a whole hasn’t adopted Evernote, it still keeps me organized and efficient. I think I’ve surprised people several times by being able to recall specific information on tasks or projects that are months old. The Reminders feature is probably the single most important feature to me at this point. It streamlined my entire day-to-day workflow.

How about you? How do you use Evernote professionally?


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