TUESDAY TIPS: Location Scouting for Photography

You’re out and about one weekend, and see the perfect background for a senior photo. You tell yourself, “Self, I’ll remember this place.”

Two months later, you’re doing a senior shoot that would be perfect at that spot, but you can’t remember exactly where it is.

The reality is, we see hundreds of locations that would be awesome for one type of shoot or another. How can we remember them all?


Create a Shooting Locations notebook.

Every time–let me stress that again–EVERY time you see a place that would be awesome for photos, create a quick photo note in Evernote on your phone. Jot down some information about what type of photo you think would be great there. Use tags, or just write the text in the body of the note. Because of Evernote’s awesome search capabilities, it doesn’t matter.

Later, when you’re looking for that perfect location, just browse through your Shooting Locations notebook. The notes will be geotagged, so you can navigate right back to the perfect location. Alternatively, you could share your locations notebook with a client and work with them to find the perfect spot for their shoot.

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