Evernote Photography Ambassador

Roughly three years ago, I read an article about a note-taking app called Evernote that synced across multiple devices. Up until that point, I had been keeping notes and a journal in an app called Journlr. Journlr is a great note taking app, but without sync capabilities. So I gave Evernote a try.

A few months later, I had a few notebooks, each with a few notes. I jotted down things I needed to remember for work, and drafted a couple of blog posts. Oddly enough, i didn’t keep my journal in Evernote; it still lived in Journlr because i could password protect Journlr. Evernote was one of those apps I’d remember once a week or so, use for a few days, then forget again. Then I discovered the encrypted text feature.

Knowing I could encrypt parts of a journal entry made Evernote a contender for this purpose. Even better, it didn’t matter what computer or device I had with me. I could jot down an entry anywhere, and this resulted in me using Evernote daily.

Once the app became a habit, I started dumping in other types of notes. Work notes and logs became more abundant, I started scanning documents in and storing them in Evernote, and receipts from work trips became picture notes in project notebooks. I started thinking about the geotagging feature in the mobile client.

On the weekends, I often take off in my car looking for new areas to photograph. I tried keeping track of these with a private Google Map, but that required me to actually remember or figure out exactly where I was and add it to the map when I got home. Sometimes I’d remember to snap a geotagged iPhone photo to use as reference, but it was more work than it should’ve been. Next time I went out scouting and found a great location, I opened Evernote, created a new note, and added a photo. I added a few words about the location, and stored it in a “Shooting Locations” notebook. Eventually, I was able to build a decent list of locations, and instead of adding them to a map manually, I could just switch to map view in Evernote. I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve added 20-plus notebooks, thousands of notes, and constantly find new ways Evernote can help me stay organized, be more efficient, and remember things I would’ve otherwise forgotten. Friends and family are probably sick of hearing me talk about Evernote, but it’s the one app/service I’ll recommend to almost anyone.

Starting today, I’ll have a little help.

Evernote has several “ambassadors” from various areas of expertise. I’m now officially the Photography Ambassador. Part of a fairly small group of individuals who are not just passionate about an app, but the concept surrounding it. The idea that having one place to store the vast amount of information that gets hurled at us daily, the ideas we have, and the memories we want to keep is a good idea.

I’m looking forward to helping people organize, become more efficient, and remember everything through a tool that has become part of my everyday life.

Read the official announcement on Evernote’s blog.


Evernote for Photography on Evernote’s blog

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