Experimenting with Stories

Definitely don't see the point of having "Stories" in a WordPress website. I'll leave this one up to remind myself not to do it again. 🙂 What is the obsession with stories, anyway? If I'm going to take the time to post something, I don't want it disappearing at some point. I don't think (?)... Continue Reading →


For the past 20 years, I've been suffering through Portland "winters". Basically 6-9 months of solid gray skies and rain. When we did get a day or two of snow in the metro area, the whole city would shut down. Now that I'm back in Montana, I love every single damn snowflake. I woke up... Continue Reading →


Years ago, when I got my first 35mm, I would sit outside at night during a thunderstorm shooting lighting. I'd set my camera on bulb mode, and wait till a few bolts went off. After I moved to Portland, I was slightly disappointed that lightning and thunder weren't all that common. Now that I'm back... Continue Reading →

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