Work Trip Checklist in Evernote

When I travel for work, I'm responsible for more than my underwear and ties. I generally travel with multiple cameras, a laptop, iPad, etc. Remembering the equipment itself is relatively easy, but I've been on more than a few trips that involved running to the store to pick up a charger or battery or memory... Continue Reading →

Salar de Uyuni

There are a handful of places I'd like to photograph. I'm adding this place to the list. A huge Bolivian salt flat land that becomes a mirror once a year when covered with a thin layer of water. Amazing. The Largest Mirror In the World Is So Big That You Can See It From Space.


I spent 10 days in Montana recently, and was able to do a bit of exploring while I was there. Montana has a virtually endless supply of photo opportunities--you just have to wander a bit.

Hangin’ with Dr. Hook

Flew from Nashville to JFK with members of Dr. Hook. Great guys. The one sitting next to me (I need to do some more Googling to get his name,) was an awesome dude. They're on their way to Scandanavia, so if you're over there, check 'em out. So many things have made me feel old... Continue Reading →

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