Tags and Saved Searches in Evernote

I’ve written about using Evernote for tasks before, but didn’t really go into the details.The Short Version Task comes in via email and gets forwarded to secret Evernote email address (with Reminder and tags in subject line) Task comes in via phone and gets manually entered into my default notebook From the default notebook, I... Continue Reading →

Evernote Reminders

For quite awhile now, I've been using a hacked-together method of marrying Evernote with the Apple Reminders App. It required some Applescript, and it definitely wasn't perfect (didn't work on iOS, for example,) but it did the trick for awhile. Ever since Evernote acquired EgretList, I've been waiting for them to come out with an... Continue Reading →

My Ideal Task Manager

I have the memory span of a gnat. This is why I use Evernote. Most information leaves my brain within 30 seconds of entering, so if it doesn't get written down, there's a very good chance I'll forget it. For that same reason, whenever I come across something that requires action on my part, I... Continue Reading →

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