Three weeks sounds like a long time. It isn't. In September, I traveled to Portland for my buddy's wedding and my daughter's birthday. I had grand plans to see a lot of people, but after three weeks, there were still a handful of people I didn't have time to visit. I'll catch them next time.... Continue Reading →

Kayla – September 2019

This Portland trip has been busier than most, but Kayla and I managed to carve out a couple hours for a quick shoot. It was a gorgeous day in Portland, so the window light was perfect. There's something to be said for working with the same models for years. We are able to spend less... Continue Reading →

Sunny Days in Portland

Perfect time to take a few days off and spend some time with my dad. He flew in to Portland yesterday and we're hoping to find some time to shoot around.Happy Friday to everyone! Get out and shoot this weekend!

Downtown Photo Walk

Spent some time shooting around downtown with a couple of Flickr folks. I'll post the finals when I get a chance to edit them. Hopefully this summer will be a good one for outdoor shooting.

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