Neewer LED Lights

I've always been a fan of constant lighting. Now that we can get LED light panels with adjustable color temperatures, I like it even more. I've been looking for some inexpensive LED panels for awhile, and of course Neewer came through. If you've never owned Neewer equipment, it's worth taking a look at. They're "good … Continue reading Neewer LED Lights

Weekend Project – Lighting with household lamps

When I first started shooting with artificial light, I had this misconception that every professional set had a ton of strobes and expensive lighting. I quickly learned that if you were to pull the camera back on some of these shoots, you’d see a lot of gaffers tape, home made light stands, and other setups … Continue reading Weekend Project – Lighting with household lamps

TUESDAY TIPS: LiveScribe for Photography

If you haven't checked out the LiveScribe Sky pen yet, do so now. I'll wait. Back? Full Disclosure: The LiveScribe Sky pen was provided to me as an Evernote Ambassador. There was no requirement to write a review, positive or otherwise. There are obvious benefits to the LiveScribe pens. Especially for students or anyone who has to … Continue reading TUESDAY TIPS: LiveScribe for Photography