2018 in Photos

UPDATE 9/2019: The move from Squarespace to WordPress broke a few things. In this particular instance, the pretty graphs that Squarespace provides. I'm working on a solution, but until then, this post will not make a lot of sense. 🙂 It's that time of year again. Time to get geeky with the numbers from 2018.... Continue Reading →

Data-Driven Graphics in Photoshop

There are times we have to create a bunch of similar graphics in Photoshop. Instead of creating each one individually, we can use data sets in Photoshop to whip up as many graphics as we need with just a few clicks. This is useful for thank you cards, scheduled promotional graphics, reminder cards--anything you'd use... Continue Reading →

The Year of the iPhone

Lightroom Data I decided to dig around in Lightroom to see how many photos I took each year, going back to when I started taking digital photos. I ended up grabbing a bit more data just for kicks. Photos Per Year In addition to Lightroom data, I grabbed some numbers from Flickr. Looks like 2008... Continue Reading →

iOS Photo Editing Apps and Data

I love data almost as much as I love photography, so I want EXIF information to be retained. I've noticed recently, while browsing through my Lightroom catalog, that a lot of my iPhone photos are missing information. So I wanted to perform a highly technical and scientific test to see which iOS apps did the... Continue Reading →

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