Rolleiflex and Kowa Six MM

These are the newest members of the collection. One of these days I’m going to need to get all the old film cameras together for a photo. I don’t remember when I started collecting old cameras, but I’m glad I did. Every now and then I run across something worth buying. Some of them (like... Continue Reading →

Sony Mavica

My very first digital camera was a Sony Mavica. Technically, it wasn't mine. It belonged to the company I worked for at the time. My general manager knew I was into photography, so he'd let me take it home on the weekends.

TUESDAY TIPS: Evernote Camera

One of the best things about Evernote is that you can add multiple file types to a note. This means you can add images, and one of the best ways to get images into Evernote is to use the built-in Evernote camera. The Evernote Camera has evolved over the years, and now has four modes to choose from. Each mode performs a specific function that makes getting images and information into Evernote even easier.


We've covered the Av setting in a previous blog post, so now it's time to go over the Tv setting. If you haven't read the Av post, it wouldn't hurt to check it out, because there are some basics there that aren't duplicated in this post.Tv is like Av in that it allows you to... Continue Reading →


So you got a brand spankin' new DSLR or high-end P&S camera for the holidays, and you're wondering what all the letters on the dial are for. Tv, Av, M… It's all greek to you. The next few Tuesday Tips are going to (hopefully) get you started.First of all, if you have a DSLR, and... Continue Reading →

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