iPhone 7 Plus

AT&T Next basically guarantees I'll upgrade my iPhone every year. I mean, why not? I wasn't _as_ excited this year as in previous years, but I was intrigued by the dual rear camera setup in the 7 Plus. So I stayed up till midnight and... didn't order an iPhone. Apple's website glitched. AT&T's website was barely usable and wouldn't complete a transaction. I told myself I'd just pick one up in a couple of weeks when the chaos died down.

Pencil by Fifty Three iOS Stylus

Recently, Apple announced the iPad Pro and Pencil stylus. Unfortunately, Apple's stylus only works with the iPad Pro.Long before Apple's Pencil, Fifty Three had their own Pencil stylus. And Fifty Three’s Pencil stylus works with all iOS devices. I love Fifty Three's Paper app, so the other day I decided to pick up their stylus. … Continue reading Pencil by Fifty Three iOS Stylus

WINGStand for Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

I bought a WINGStand for the iPhone. It clips onto an Apple bluetooth keyboard and holds the iPhone (or other mobile device,) making it easy to type up a long document when you don't have access to your iPad or MacBook. It fits the iPhone with a shell case perfectly, but the case I have … Continue reading WINGStand for Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

QUICK TIP: Get OS X file or folder link to paste into Evernote

Sometimes a file is too large to attach to an Evernote note. Or you want to reference a folder on your hard drive in Evernote. I recently had this issue, so I made a quick Automator workflow that grabs the path to a selected file/folder, appends file:/// (necessary for Evernote to recognize it as a link,) and … Continue reading QUICK TIP: Get OS X file or folder link to paste into Evernote

New Flickr for iOS is Full of WIN

There's an iOS update for the official Flickr app in the App Store today. I had previously deleted the Flickr app from my phone in favor of FlickStackr because the Flickr app was abysmal. The new version of the Flickr app is pure awesome, though. Even the login screen is beautiful. Once you login, you're … Continue reading New Flickr for iOS is Full of WIN

Apple Mail and default accounts

After setting up a new computer over the weekend, I noticed that my iCloud email account was showing up as the default "From" address in every new email I composed. I don't actually use this email address, so I had to remember to change the "from" address on every email I sent. I looked in … Continue reading Apple Mail and default accounts