52 Portraits: 17-18/52

ArtsFest is going on in downtown Great Falls right now. I wandered around with Jason and Heather, looking at this year's murals, and ended up with 17 and 18 of the 52 portraits. COVID definitely threw a wrench in this project, but I'm still committed to 52 portraits this year...

52 Portraits : 9-12/52

The quarantine slowed the portrait project a bit, but I was able to grab shots of a few people the other day. I'm still committed to shooting all 52 this year, I'm just going to have to ramp it up a bit.

52 Portraits

I've done the 52 week projects before. I've done the 365 projects. Most of the time, they were disappointing. I'd realize at the last moment that I hadn't shot a photo for the week or day and end up just grabbing some random emotionless shot to satisfy the requirements of the project. I'm not letting... Continue Reading →

52 Weeks : Week 21 : Friends

FRIENDSThis week's photo should be easy. Grab a selfie with your friends, or a moody portrait of one friend in particular. If you're the reclusive type, create a dramatic photo of your cats. Or your squirrel friend.Head on over to the Facebook event page and join, or read up on the 52 Weeks Project here.

52 Weeks Project

A few years ago, I started working on a 52 week project with my daughter, but we didn’t really get into it. There were missing weeks, half-assed submissions, and I quit at the 30 week mark. This year will be different. But I want to go a step further and create a combined 52 week... Continue Reading →

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