Marissa and Heather Downtown

I'm always torn between night time neon portraits and gritty, grainy, black and white night portraits. We did both over the course of two nights. Marissa had access to several different dresses, so we experimented with a few. Going back to the previous post about the Sony A7R III and Auto ISO, the second night … Continue reading Marissa and Heather Downtown

Downtown Great Falls

Awhile back, I said I was going to be doing more mobile posting. That lasted what, a month? Going to give it another shot. On Friday, I wandered around downtown Great Falls with Marissa and her friend shooting some night-time portraits. In between wardrobe changes, I got to grab a few shots of downtown itself. … Continue reading Downtown Great Falls

Sony A7R III: Auto ISO with Minimum Shutter Speed

I’ve had the A7R III for two and a half years now, and I’m still learning things. I shot Canon for over 25 years, so learning Sony’s menu system alone took a fair amount of time. Granted, I don’t like reading manuals, and tend to teach myself just enough to shoot the way I’ve always … Continue reading Sony A7R III: Auto ISO with Minimum Shutter Speed

2021 MacBook Pro M1 MAX (and a little history)

History I got my first MacBook from work around 2007. A 17" MacBook Pro. It was the greatest machine I’d ever used at that point. I used it for video and photo editing, and it got hot. Like, burn the tops of your legs hot. I loved working on that MacBook, but it was for … Continue reading 2021 MacBook Pro M1 MAX (and a little history)