Evernote Account Tier Changes

Evernote recently released new account tiers. What does this mean for you? If you’ve been paying for Evernote Premium, pricing changes will depend on where you live, and how you paid for your subscription. Paying by credit card directly to Evernote, PayPal, or In-App Purchase through the iTunes or Google Play store all have different effects on pricing. Check Evernote’s official announcement for an explanation on grandfathered pricing and how long it will last. For a comparison of features and pricing, check Evernote’s new pricing page.

New Pricing Tiers

Pricing varies by country

  • Basic (free)
    • No longer have the ability to email notes into Evernote
    • 60MB monthly upload bandwidth
    • 25MB max note size
  • Plus ($2.99/mo or $24.99/yr)
    • 1GB monthly upload bandwidth
    • 50MB max note size
    • Ability to email notes into Evernote
    • PIN lock on mobile devices
  • Premium ($5.99/mo or $49.99/yr)
    • Unlimited upload bandwidth
    • 200MB max note size
    • Ability to email notes into Evernote
    • PIN lock on mobile devices
    • Business card scanning
  • Business ($12/mo or $120/yr)
    • All premium features
    • Administration tools for easy deployment to teams
    • Data retention
    • Separation of Business and Personal notebooks

Key Points

  • Free accounts no longer have the ability to email notes into Evernote.
  • Plus accounts enable the PIN lock feature on mobile Evernote apps.
  • Premium accounts can now create 200MB notes, no limit on upload bandwidth.
  • Pricing varies by country.

Nobody is thrilled about price increases, but in Evernote’s case, I think it’s justified. This is the first price increase they’ve had since 2008, and there have been many new features added since then. I love the addition of the Plus account option. PIN code lock is an incredibly useful feature on mobile. That alone is worth 25 bucks a year. Emailing notes into Evernote is part of my daily routine, so even if I didn’t have a business account through work, I’d be subscribing to at least a Plus account.

What do you think of the new pricing tiers? Do they make sense to you, or did Evernote just ruin your day? If you currently have a free account, will you be upgrading to Plus or Premium for additional features? Let me know in the comments.

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