DSE 2015 – Las Vegas

I haven’t been to DSE in a couple of years. The first time I went, I wasn’t sure what I’d get out of it. I mean, the company I work for had already selected our software and hardware vendors. I quickly figured out that it wasn’t about the vendors at all.

Don’t get me wrong—my inner geek was all kinds of happy checking out awesome new display technology and concepts. But it was interacting with the other attendees that made me want to come back again. This year was no different. So many awesome ideas born from listening to other content managers.

The educational sessions are awesome, too. Hearing about how other companies handle challenges similar to ours gives me all kinds of ideas.

Between the sessions, expo floor, and keeping up with work, I didn’t have time to get into trouble in Vegas. But I did have a great view from the hotel window.


DSE Website

DSE Tweets

Oh, and the parmesan truffle fries at Renaissance Hotel are amazing.

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